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Last night I missed my bus because SEPTA was acting INEPTA again. Instead of waiting over an hour for it to pass by, I walked/jogged the equivilant of a 5k before calling for a quick ride the rest of the way. I guess stuff like this will be a nice warmup for the 5k I run every year in September.

I don’t know what we did, but there is catered lunch at work today. Jerk Chicken, beans & rice, and rolls. I am so happy right now.

Sitting in the second-to-last row at TD Garden watching the Flyers-Bruins game

So I’m not actually staying IN Boston, I am staying at my friends’ rental place right on Cape Cod Bay (which I was not expecting). On a train right now to Boston to see some sights.

We just passed a ferrari on the way to our friends house. How aren’t you in the left lane with a car like that?

Hello from Boston! Took a quick flight and am on my way to visit friends. Should be a nice few days.